About the Cards


The Cards and the Calendar

The deck of 52 playing cards is an ancient book of Time.

Think about this....

There are fifty-two weeks in the year and there are 52 cards in the deck!


There are twelve months in the year and there are 12 face cards; Jacks, Queens, and Kings.

4 Seasons

There are four seasons in our year, and there are 4 suits in the cards: Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades.


When you add all the cards in the deck together, each by their numeric value (with the Joker as '1', the sum total is 365, the number of days in the year. 


The Mystic Science of the Cards is the one of the most accurate systems of divination known to us. The understanding that comes with the wisdom that is embodied in our ordinary (not so) deck of playing cards awakens an awareness that we are each here as an expression of a greater body of wisdom that unites all of humanity on a journey through time. Like threads in a tapestry that create a detailed picture of reality. Of course, how we choose to perceive our reality, and the greater realty as well is always a choice. Learning to See is an art, and one worth pursuing, and learning to Hear and Feel are as well, so we come into Time with endless opportunities to fine tune our senses and our perception. 

This oracle is an ancient book of Time. It is fixed and it is fluid, depending on providing structures of influences while giving us the freedom of choice and free will. Are we on the battlefield, or the dance floor? Time repeats itself, over and over - thus the saying, "History repeats itself". We drop into the matrix of Time (birth), take our journey (living), and lift out (death). It's a non-stop journey, and one that is amazing to witness, as we all know 

History doesn't necessarily have to repeat itself in our personal lives, if we choose to learn from our present experiences and the events that so conveniently show up as opportunities for us to learn and move forward to the next level of our conscious awareness. This constant motion to evolve teaches us to live rightly, with clear intention. Our opportunity is to initiate the future for all, rather than live for oneself only (ace), to communicate and cooperate to cultivate understanding (two), rather than defend our fear of not knowing; to create and express our gifts (three), rather than spin our wheels and dig ourselves deeper into our own delusions; to build and construct secure foundations with our ideas (four), rather than assume fixed positions that create separation. And so it goes on through the numbers from Ace of King, the card of mastery. 

This system is profoundly accurate in showing us who we are, and in guiding us to align with our greatest expression for success and happiness. And for the fulfillment of our destiny. What is your Destiny? What is Your Card? What is the suit or suits that are influencing your as an expression of creation? 

The Four Suits


Hearts represent people, family, home, beauty children, youth, and childhood. They represent our passion and they teach us of love. When our hearts awaken we know compassion and we live in gratitude. 

Hearts represent the beginning of human emotions, love, life with others, family, relationships, and all things having to do with feelings. This is, in the mystic science of the cards, the first suit in the order of the deck. The Heart suit represents our early years in life and our emotional preparation for our journey through time. We create our most important foundations for living in our early years, and if those years are filled with healthy caregiving, we develop clear emotional boundaries and good discernment. We develop foundations of self-awareness and confidence. People born in the Heart suit relate to life through their feelings. These are the people- people. People are important. Most important. Feelings are important. Most of the lessons for the Heart people have to do with relationship. 


Clubs represent the realm of the mind, and all things having to do with it; such as learning, education, teaching, communication, research, and sharing. They teach us the importance of knowledge ~ the awakened mind cultivates understanding, and knows the power of focus. As each card passes through its specific day, we have the opportunity to learn from its influences and embody its strengths, in practical, applicable ways. This is true every day, and as we enter this sacred domain of the Mind, perhaps with these royal cards of self-mastery, we will unite on the mental planes and raise our conscious awareness colllectively and intentionally through the contributions of thoughts, and see that refelcted in the form of events that manifest in our world. Club's are learning to use the mind in conjunction with the other three suit's intelligence. 


Diamonds represent values, money, and action. They teach us of higher values, and this quote of Wallace D. Wattles, from his book The Science of Getting Rich (1901), says it well: 

"You are to become a creator, not a competitor. You are going to get what you want, but in such a way that when you get it, every other person whom you affect will have more than he has now." 

Diamonds oversee manifestation on the material plane. People born in this suit are concerned with the worth and the value of things, and the people in their lives. Lessons for Diamond's relate to values, money, and the ability to manifest in the world. Diamonds teach us to live with the greatest integrity while taking action with our ideas. The awakened Diamond is the teacher of integrity and higher values. 


Spades represent labor, health, and wisdom and they teach us diligence and wisdom through determination and self-mastery. The Spade suit synthesizes the energies of the Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds, in order to bring forth wisdom through all endeavors. Spades represent work, labor, spirituality, and wisdom. They also govern health. Often when the Spades are ruling the days in the calendar, things can seem more laborious for some. For others there is greater wisdom, and for many - health issures come up. Each card bears its own brand of wisdom for us to learn from. The Five teaches us to dance in the moment with the ever present nature of change, learning from our experiences as we go. The Four says, take those experiences and build something solid from them; to the Three who than says now express what you have learned, and then (Two) share it in partnership to bear fruit, and then take it to the next level (Ace) and prepare for success, for the Diamonds are coming - beginning with the King. 

Together the suits reveal the ways to the higher paths of living; through learning compassion and understanding, right values and the art of creative manifestation, and the attainment of self mastery.

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