About Sharon Jeffers

Sharon Jeffers is a two time award-winning author, and a master practitioner of the Mystic Science of the Cards and Tibetan Buddhist Black Hat Feng Shui, a fourth generation clairvoyant, and psychic medium. I have been working in each of these fields
for more than 25 years. If you have a desire to know more, please don’t hesitate to email me with you questions: sharonjeffers@me.com

How I got here...in a nutshell.
Coming to know who I am in the cards has explained a lot to me about myself and my life. Which is why I began writing about this amazing system of timekeeping over twenty-five years ago. The focus of my work with this oracle is for all of us to have a
better understanding of who we are, and who others are as well. Understanding leads to acceptance, which gives way to compassion. Knowing who we are and understanding
our life path and how destiny unfolds through time, is empowering, enlightening, and liberating.

I was born on April 8, which makes me the Aries King of Diamonds. Clearly by the picture here; holster, gun on one hip and purse on my other arm with my little dress and flowered hat - I knew at three years old, exactly who I am. However, with all of the conditioning, life experiences, and teaching of “who I should be’, it took me some time to get back to myself, and what my true expression is. This mystic science of the playing cards is what served me the most in my journey back to me, and why I have chosen to serve others with what I have learned over all of these years.
Playing cards were a big part of my daily life when I was growing up. My father taught me how to play poker when I was 7 years old. Being a little King of Diamonds, I quickly learned to how to beat him at his own game.
When I was fifteen, I went to see a fortune teller. She was a beautiful older woman, probably around eighty years old, very kind and inviting, living in a sweet little house in Minneapolis. This was my first reading with a real fortune teller. I had been learning about astrology and numerology since I was twelve years old. She began talking about things that a fifteen year old would want to hear, and then at one point halfway through the reading, she stopped talking for what seemed like a long time. She was just looking down at the cards, but I now know that something was being revealed to her. “One day you will work with these cards, and what you do will be very important for many people”.
For some reason, when I left her house that day, that statement was the only thing I could remember. I would soon forget what she said, and it would be many years later, after the death of my precious son Spencer, that I would remember and realize what she was talking about all those years ago

This is Spencer - born July 3 - Cancer Queen of Diamonds. He was killed in a car accident when he was 29. That was a devastating life altering experience to say the least. His death is what led me to working with and writing about the cards, because I saw the importance of all of us knowing and being aware of our journey through time, and the importance of understanding our true natures.
Spencer was a wise and wonderful being. From when he was a tiny little guy, he was a teacher to me. I remember the first time I looked into his eyes just seconds after he was born - I saw a being who had infinite wisdom, a being who knew who he was. I had just turned 21 and in that moment I realized I had no idea who I was, which is when my true spiritual journey began - with that first encounter in the world with my first born magical son.
When Spencer walked into a room, the room and everyone in it just lit up. If I didn’t have a Jon (his younger brother, my second born magical son) I would have simply died of a broken heart after his death. Spencer influenced my life as a mystic from the moment he was born, and after I started working seriously with this mystic oracle of the playing cards, I saw how our destinies intertwined from his birth to his death and beyond, shaping something bigger with both of us, which I can certainly call destiny.

This is Jon. Born 11/14 - a Scorpio 6 of Clubs. I was blessed with two extraordinary beings who were extremely self-aware from the moment they came out of the womb, well... probably before they entered the womb. Jon is the reason I am still here. He was there for me in ways above and beyond the duty of a son and a friend, after we lost Spencer. It was because of Jon that I would keep going. His encouragement, his love, and his wisdom encouraged me to put one foot in front of the other and keep going -“because I was still alive” - which is what he would tell me over and over. To this day, he is my best friend. I am so grateful to have this amazing creative, compassionate being in my life.

This is me now. I live in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico full time, and travel to the states often to see my dear friends and many of my clients. I have authored several books, training programs, and more based on this mystic oracle of timekeeping. I have clients and students around the world, from every walk of life imaginable.
You will see on my site that I have a lot of products and art/birthday cards, posters, books, and things. I do these things because I love to create. My Spirit card is the 3 of Clubs, which is the card of mental creativity and the writer’s card - so when I do the bidding of that card and my inner world of expression - it makes me happy. It also creates away for people to become familiar with the mystic aspect of the playing card deck - which is part of my destiny: to share this with the world.
I do that through my art, writing, teaching, and personal and group sessions with people. I have been working with this system since 1990. It is always revealing more and more of itself to me.
I am also a psychic medium. I’ve been serving my clients as a medium as well since my son died. I think he had something to do with that from the other side. It’s a powerful gift, that I actually had as a child as well, to be able to connect people with their loved one’s on the other side, in a real and dynamic way. A gift for all involved in those moments.
Okay, that’s enough about me. Who are you? Do you know who you are in the cards? Are you the 2 of Clubs? The Jack of Diamonds? The 8 of Spades? And what is your life path? What is your destiny? It’s all in the cards!!!
I wish you joy and wonder and you discover more every day who you are and what you gifts of expression are in this world to the rest of us. Blessings, Sharon I am available for interview, speaking events, parties, and personal sessions. My work with the cards focuses on your Life Path, where you are in time, relationship analysis, and family or group dynamics. This system is excellent for predictive information, planning in time, and making important decisions: sharonjeffers@me.com

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Beautiful, original hand drawn art and messages from award winning author and artist, Sharon Jeffers. Based on the mystic science of the playing cards; an ancient system of timekeeping. Each card has a message on the back for you to use as daily guidance and direction, answer a question, or lay out to do a reading. Cards are 3"x5" and come in a quality velvet bag, birthday chart is included along with instructions.

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Sharon Jeffers


Award-winning book based on our relationship connections based on our birthdays and how they correlate with the ancient mystic science of the playing card deck. Hard cover / full color 222 pages 6.5x7 quality printing "Sharon Jeffers is a Master of the Oracle. She brings to the cards a range of appreciation for the expansive possibilities of a life well led. Her contributions to the interpretation of an age old Oracle brings a special humanity that enfolds the mysteries of life with the opportunities to make successful choices taking our higher selves to fruition. While the ego can become the biggest obstacle to finding peace and tranquility in this journey, it also provides the keys to raising consciousness to higher levels of awareness finding compassion and success when dealing with the difficult challenges of life experiences.The Cards of Love and Destiny is a magical mystery tour of the world of psychological mastery that will take the reader towards greater understanding of the pitfalls and pleasures that can be achieved in this life through making the right choices. Highly recommended for those pilgrims who are seeking a broader experience outside of the box." ~ Stephanie H

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