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Sharon Jeffers is an internationally known life coach, and second generation psychic medium who has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life. She began her studies in numerology and astrology at age thirteen and began doing readings spontaneously with the regular deck of playing cards at age twenty-one. She began studying this mystic science of the cards in 1990, after happening upon Scared Symbols of the Ancients in a metaphysical bookstore in Los Angeles. Sharon is known for her accuracy with the cards, and for her clear deliniations of the bithdays as they assoicate with the playing deck. She is the author of several books, the latest being Cards of Destiny, and the writer for Zento Magazine’s Oracle column. She has been a guest speaker at the Whole Life Expo, appeared on various radio shows, and is a repeat guest on KKCR radio in Hawaii, and will be the keynote speaker at the Hawaii Health Expo this year. Sharon also has an extensive background in transformational healing work, in applied kinesiology, and feng shui, both for more than twenty years, and has done extensive work with kids at risk and prison inmates, police, management teams and educators and health professionals. She was the founder of the Center for Integrated Learning and Excelerated Learning Strategies. Her client list includes police departments, educational institutions, people from around the world, and celebrities. She lives in both Kauai and Los Angeles and does much of her consulting on the phone. Sharon is known for her amazing accuracy with this mystic science, and her gifted insightfulness with which she has helped thousands of people from around the world. She has over 30 years experience working with people to transform their lives. Her clients include people from every walk of life and most countries in the world. Sharon is an author, speaker, consultant, counselor, and medium.


“I’ve been a client of Sharon’s for over two decades because she gives me the most accurate information. She is honest, caring, and very clear.
If you are seeking direction in your life Sharon IS the person to work with."

  – Margaret L. Atty. ~ B.C.

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