The Mystic Oracle - Daily Guide and Workbook

APRIL is the 4 of Diamonds, often a month where business, money, and new beginnings are the focus. The driving force of the zodiac sign Aries is in full swing as we begin this month, which means the ruling planet for this first half of the month is Mars, a planet that motivates, inspires, and also can create conflict. Hard-headed and determined, the typical Aries energy is forward moving, sometimes reckless, and always generous with its efforts to give to others. This month would be no exception, except we are in a ‘stay at home’ lockdown in our country and around much of the world. What does that mean in the bigger picture and for us as individuals, and who knows how long it will last. 

This month’s guide is a bit different. I am incorporating some of my self-mastery personal coaching course materials as the focus now has to be largely inward so that we can find our perfect outward solutions to how different things are at the moment for most, and how different they might be going forward. We are all in the dark, surrounded by uncertainty - which can be stressful to say the least. However, for each of us it can be a time of new beginnings. In my experience, new beginnings don’t always spur from something pleasant, however, new beginnings, spring, and the first sign of the zodiac tell me there are great possibilities for each of us, we just have to want to see them. Each day I will be giving you the influences of the cards while including things that support  your intentions for yourself right now. I am fully aware that those goals and intentions can be changing each day, so flexibility is important. 

I encourage you to be consistent, which is something that can serve all of us right now with everything we’re doing. Some of the pages I am including are from my Your Path to Self-Mastery coaching course, which in the past I have charges thousands of dollars for a 28-day program. However, we are in dire need of all the support we can get right now, so I’m sharing some of that with you. You will have to personalize it for yourself because you don’t have me to talk to everyday, which is part of that program. But I’m certain that you will do that perfectly for yourself!!

I wish you love, joy, good health, and happiness, each and every day.
Much love,

“I really enjoy Sharon’s monthly guides - her insights for the month help set my frame of mind to take the most advantage of energies available. And the daily readings provide a focal point for the day, which make each day a little more productive and fun!”
~Helen W.

“I didn’t expect this monthly guide to have such a profound experience on me. Thank you Sharon, I can’t wait for next month’s guide.”
~Sandra M.

“I wanted to let you know that all of your work, service, energy and intention is making a massive difference on the planet. I see you. We need to encourage each other in this life especially when we are of service to humanity which can at times seem like a work that goes unnoticed.”
~Deborah P.
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