The Mystic Oracle - Daily Guide and Workbook

The Mystic Oracle Personal Guide Through Time

I began doing this publication a little over a year ago. I’ve gotten some great feedback and it’s evolved from being just a personal guide to also being a way to look ahead at the cards for the month for planning. Once we get into 2020, the guide will be available 1-2 weeks ahead of time, giving ample time for planning most things. In this issue, for those that subscribe and new subscribers, I am offering a very special discount for a personal reading in January.

Here is a sample of what you will find inside:

JANUARY 1 - KING OF SPADES. This king is the master of the deck, and he beckons us to step on that path in our own journey through time - that path meaning - the path of self-mastery. He is a bit quirky and likes things that are unusual. Often things initiated on this day have a strong element of change which can manifest through time. People born on this day are history makers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and politicians. They are actors and and entertainers, comfortable being in the limelight. The strong presence of the King of Spades draws attention with ease, therefore, this is a good day to initiate things. The moon is in Aries for the day, the day is a “1”, and the king of kings is governing. Even if you just do it in your head or on paper - take some time to focus on what you would like to manifest in your life.

Whatever your birthday is...con’t JANUARY 11 - 3 OF SPADES Take care around water in all of its form today. It’s another creative day energetically, and one where opportunities could present themselves. Say “Yes” to all things that delight you. This can be a good day for real estate. It’s a good day astrologically - so if you are ready to move forward with something and it feels right to you now, that could bring a good outcome. Timing is everything so the bottom line is that you have to trust our gut! How will you channel this inspirational energy?

“I really enjoy Sharon’s monthly guides - her insights for the month help set my frame of mind to take the most advantage of energies available. And the daily readings provide a focal point for the day, which make each day a little more productive and fun!”
~Helen W.

“I didn’t expect this monthly guide to have such a profound experience on me. Thank you Sharon, I can’t wait for next month’s guide.”
~Sandra M.

“I wanted to let you know that all of your work, service, energy and intention is making a massive difference on the planet. I see you. We need to encourage each other in this life especially when we are of service to humanity which can at times seem like a work that goes unnoticed.”
~Deborah P.
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