The Mystic Oracle - Daily Guide and Workbook

June is the Jack of Clubs! Let’s take a close look at the Jack of Clubs. Jacks are highly creative, youthful, and very clever, sometimes to a fault. The club suit represents the mental realm of our existence here on earth, so everything having to do with the mind, thinking, beliefs, and more, including the subconscious and the collective consciousness and of course, our imaginations. In the Grand Life Spread, this jack is the Venus card in the Uranus line, bringing these two planetary influences together to express unique characteristics that only they can. This combination of planetary influence brings relationships into a futurist view, more aquarian in nature, so slightly detached. The Jack of Clubs tends to approach personal relationships from rationale, using intelligence rather than emotion to keep things in check to regain balance and harmony when it’s been lost. So, logic rules in this jack’s domain.

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