Three of Diamonds

The Colorful Character

You are artistic and romantic by nature and you are drawn to that which is unusual. Your challenge is to be free of worry and indecision. The cure for this will be found when you put your brilliant, imaginative mind to work and apply your creative genius to those things that give you pleasure. You like change and do well in any type of work that involves travel or variety. Your mind is agile and quick, and it needs to be challenged and entertained. This is a highly creative and imaginative card and you will always look for innovative ways to express yourself. There can be a tendency to be repetitive or go in circles with your actions, thinking, and expression. If these behaviors are prolonged, and your creative intelligence is not applied in practical ways, this repetition can lead to depression or confusion. You might feel as though there is no end to what you can explore, which can hinder your ability to follow through with your ideas. The practice of self-discipline will support you to be grounded. Love and relationship is where your greatest learning occurs. Remember that expressing who you really are is the key to your success and happiness. You’re not here to be like everyone else. Embrace your unique nature - it’s a gift. 


Birthdays: January 24, February 22, March 20, April 18, May 16, June 14, July 12, August 10, September 8, October 6, November 4, December 2

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Beautiful, original hand drawn art and messages from award winning author and artist, Sharon Jeffers. Based on the mystic science of the playing cards; an ancient system of timekeeping. Each card has a message on the back for you to use as daily guidance and direction, answer a question, or lay out to do a reading. Cards are 3"x5" and come in a quality velvet bag, birthday chart is included along with instructions.

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Sharon Jeffers


Award-winning book based on our relationship connections based on our birthdays and how they correlate with the ancient mystic science of the playing card deck. Hard cover / full color 222 pages 6.5x7 quality printing "Sharon Jeffers is a Master of the Oracle. She brings to the cards a range of appreciation for the expansive possibilities of a life well led. Her contributions to the interpretation of an age old Oracle brings a special humanity that enfolds the mysteries of life with the opportunities to make successful choices taking our higher selves to fruition. While the ego can become the biggest obstacle to finding peace and tranquility in this journey, it also provides the keys to raising consciousness to higher levels of awareness finding compassion and success when dealing with the difficult challenges of life experiences.The Cards of Love and Destiny is a magical mystery tour of the world of psychological mastery that will take the reader towards greater understanding of the pitfalls and pleasures that can be achieved in this life through making the right choices. Highly recommended for those pilgrims who are seeking a broader experience outside of the box." ~ Stephanie H

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