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"I see these as "hieroglyphs" from another dimension. You are bringing in a language that is all too rarely spoken here -- fragments of the sub-conscious and the super-conscious that have either been forgotten, neglected, or were never known. Keep creating, my dear! This new deck of yours will be of great service to many. It will opens doors.. and minds.. and hearts. Love it!"

~ Mitch Ditkoff, author of Storytelling at Work and Co-Founder of Idea Champions.

Sharon's original artwork for each one of the 52 playing cards + the Joker is an original expression of Sharon’s personal experience with the cards and what they represent. Each card has a very specific message on the back, and you can use the deck however you like. The cards come with some suggestions for use and a brief description of the mystic science behind them.
The deck is great for parties, to put in a bowl on your coffee table for conversations, to do readings with, and for your personal guidance when you just want to confirm your thinking or gain some insight into a situation.

Cards of Destiny

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