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The Cards and Your Relationships

The Mystic Science of the Cards is an ancient oracle of time keeping that decisively demonstrates how our regular deck of playing cards was long ago used as a calendar. Many believe, and I am one of them, that the deck of fifty-two cards was created for that very purpose, which was time keeping, and the observance of events, as they would unfold in time. Exactly when this system was created is somewhat of a mystery, however there are many theories. As a student and teacher of this ancient oracle, I can tell you for certain that those who brought this system into form were able to see the matrix of time with a perspective of great accuracy and detail. I know this because when I look at the exact information that is revealed in this ancient science, it's always specific, accurate, and perfectly aligned time-wise for each and every individual according to the events taking place with in their lives. It's literally mind-blowing at times to see such detail already written, already recorded, and long before the actual time of occurrence.

How did they - those who wrote this amazingly accurate body of knowledge - know what would be happening in the future? Time repeats itself, over and over.

We are the variable. We come into this life, move through it, and leave. Time is like a spiral, and within time there are events, connections, people to meet and things to take care of. Our time here is like a dance card. Some of that dance card is filled out before we arrive at the dance. We have appointments that we will keep, and some of those manifest as intimate relationships. Sometimes we meet someone and we feel as though we know this person already. Most likely we do. Often the first response to these feelings is that we have to ‘be' with this person. Perhaps. However, for how long? ….. and in what way?

This ancient science tells us what the relationship itself is about. When we understand the dynamics of the relationship - the possibilities, the learning's, and the joys that can be obtained, we have a better chance of making the right choices. We have the ability to be in the relationship with greater intelligence when we understand the impersonal influences that create the actual dynamics in the relationship. This understanding gives us the ability to step back and look at things with our logical mind, which keeps emotions balanced and present in time. So often we act out things that are left over from childhood, or past relationships, or unconscious patterns that we have relative to being intimate with another. The more informed we are with ourselves, the greater ability we have to enjoy.

There are many more influences that show up between each of us and other people that are defined by this system of time keeping and life path delineation. The report you're purchasing is about the relationship itself. It's like your birth card. It's the birth card of the relationship. Mathematically combining the solar value of your card with another's, and then calculating the result of that which determines the card that rules the relationship find the composite card. These dynamics are fixed and they do not change!

When you are not in that relationship, you are in your own energetic influences. When you are with another person, you are under the umbrella of the influences of that combination of energies. No exceptions.

Now, the bottom line is happiness. Why be in a relationship if you are not happy there?  There are some relationships where it is simply not possible. That's why I wrote these reports. Get it (why you were or are attracted to this person) and move on! There are other relationships that are pure joy and bliss. And, there is everything in-between. The purpose of these reports is to empower you to be informed so that you can make excellent choices for yourself. Know before you get into a relationship what its bound to be like, and then decide. Know if you're in one how to better interpret the dynamics that are occurring so that you can understand why you are there and utilize that to enhance your connection with your partner.

Now, for your information, my book Cards of Destiny — A Birthday Book and Daily Divination Guide, has detailed descriptions of each birthday of the year as defined by this oracle, and a perpetual calendar of the days and their influences for the entire year. This is great information for helping us understand others and ourselves more accurately.

I hope that you enjoy the information that you find in your report. Please feel free to contact me at any time, and you can do that through my website at

Love and blessings,
Sharon Jeffers
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