Nine of Diamonds

The One Who Gives


As a Nine of Diamonds you are gifted with excellent communication skills. People naturally trust you and when expressing the positive aspects of your card, you are optimistic and generous - you can easily attain great success. You excel at bringing people together to share their gifts and talents with one another. You have good discernment, you know what is worthwhile and it’s your nature to think on a global scale. You are highly intelligent and you thrive on mental stimulation. You enjoy people who are communicative, witty and intelligent. You are well-suited for a career in which you can use your intelligence, quick thinking and good communication skills. You have great ability to debate, interview and sell. Your power comes in giving, and it is in giving, that abundance finds its way to your door. When you give to others by supporting their success, you receive good fortune and support in return. You have a natural sense for business and you are a great promoter of whatever you believe in. It is your nature to lead the way for others.

Birthdays: January 18, February 16, March 14 April 12, May 10, June 8, July 6 August 4, September 2

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